This month at Lakeview Taproom and Coffee House, we have…

  • Coffee, Tea and Baked Goods
  • A New BOM
  • Community Events
  • Private Events

Coffee, Tea and Baked Goods

We offer more than craft beer and cocktails at our Lakeview location! Lakeview Taproom and Coffee House also has a variety of rich coffees from Hexe, an assortment of tea and tea lattes, and fresh baked goods delivered from Willow Café and Bistro. Next time you stop by we encourage you to try any of these delights sourced from local businesses.


A new month means a new brewery of the month, and for June we are celebrating Half Acre Brewing! This Chicago-local brewery and business offers some of Chicago’s favorite beers, including Daisy Cutter which is entering it’s 15 year anniversary. All Half Acre pints from our taps will only be $6 this month to make tasting something new, or an old favorite, that much better.

Community Events

One of our main goals is to connect with our neighborhood and to help others do the same, so we are hosting some fun nights for friends and strangers to meet! Keep your eye out for our Laughs at Lakeview comedy nights and music open mics.

Private Events

Our welcoming space is also available to be rented out to host your private events! Depending on party size, we will close our location completely to let it be all yours for the night.

This location of the Neighborhood Taprooms has a great homey indoor event space that can be rented for your private events.

To learn more about pricing and availability, you can fill out this form to contact us. Pricing is determined by party size and time.