Lakeview Lincoln Square
  • Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us at Uptown Taproom!  We are not only having a $8 deal on margaritas, but we are making a few extra special ones! We will have Spicy and Strawberry margaritas in addition to our usuals! In addition to $8 margaritas, we have a special of 3 tacos of your choice

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  • March Madness and More

    March Madness and More

    Uptown Taproom has a lot of fun to share this week… March Madness Games! Tired of going to bars and pubs that are so crowded you can barely see the game? Come to Uptown Taproom! Not only would you be supporting local, but you can enjoy the game you came to see without as much

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  • We Are OPENING!!

    We Are OPENING!!

    On Friday, December 16th, Uptown Taproom will be officially open! We will be opening at 1pm this Friday. This Saturday, December 17th, we will be opening at 8:30 am so we can all watch the World Cup Third Place Match together! There will be limited space, so come by as soon as you can so we can watch together! This Sunday, December 18th,

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  • Any Day Now…

    Any Day Now…

    Uptown Taproom is only days away from opening! We are putting the last touches and details into place now… we can’t wait to see you all there! Obsessively local and community driven, Uptown Taproom hopes to add even more life to the neighborhood it loves so dearly. Uptown Taproom will have appetizers, salads, tacos, sandwiches,

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  • Preparing for the Holidays!

    Preparing for the Holidays!

    We are adding some fun holiday themed cocktails and decorations to Uptown Taproom! Whatever you are celebrating, we want to celebrate with you. We are counting down the days until we can make that happen. If you are interested in hosting a party in our private space or if you have any band, game night

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  • Some Finishing Touches

    Some Finishing Touches

    From perfecting burger-to-bun ratios to smoothing out our hand-painted logo lines, your new neighborhood taproom is aiming to open in mid-December of 2022! Uptown Taproom is an obsessively local business that brings the different parts of Chicago together, whether it is through Chicago local artists or local breweries! We will have a whole kitchen in

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