At Lakeview Taproom and Coffee House this week there is…

  • Cocktails and Coffee
  • A New BOM
  • Changed Hours
  • Private Event Info

Cocktails and Coffee

Why pick one over the other when you can have both in the same place? From a cold beer to lavender matcha, Koval cranberry gin and tonic to a cappuccino, we have it covered. Not to mention we also have warm breakfast sandwiches with aioli sauce and bagels with house made herb cream cheese. Let’s start this spring season off right!


Spring is almost here and it is time to celebrate a new Brewery of the Month: Brewer’s Kitchen! Any time this March you can try one of this Chicago local’s beer drafts for only $6!

Changed Hours

This Saturday, March 9th, we are closing early due to a private event.

We will be opening at 8:00 am on Sundays.

Private Event

This location of the Neighborhood Taprooms has a great homey indoor event space that can be rented for your private events!

To learn more about pricing and availability, you can fill out this form to contact us. Pricing is determined by party size and time.