This week at Lakeview Taproom we have…

  • Open Mic
  • BOM
  • Hour Changes
  • Private Event Information

Open Mic

Thanks to Nick Wilkinson, we are hosting a music open mic! On April 11th at 7PM you can show off your musical gifts or come and listen to friends and neighbors play. Come on over and join in, there are no tickets needed.


We are celebrating Off Color as our Brewery of the Month! This means any beer of theirs we have on tap will only be $6. Stop by to try something new from this Chicago-local brewery while the deal is still around.

Hour Changes

Lakeview Taproom and Coffee House will be closing at 6pm on Friday, April 12th, due to a private event.

Private Event Information

Speaking of private events, you can host one here too. This location of the Neighborhood Taprooms has a great homey indoor event space that can be rented for your private events!

To learn more about pricing and availability, you can fill out this form to contact us. Pricing is determined by party size and time.