It’s Flight Friday time again. And what better day to fulfill your variety-craving beer desires than this gorgeous Friyay?

Whether you enjoy this beautiful weather on our patio or cozy up indoors, you’ll get 20% off beer flights, all day and night.

With 14 hyper-local and frequently rotating brews on tap at all times, flight night is a great way to meet your next favorite. Come prepared by checking out our beer list or following us on Untapped, so you know just what to order when you arrive.

Beer Flight Tasting Tip: Drink from lightest in flavor to the most bold and complex, so that lighter beers aren’t overpowered by the big flavors already dominating your palate.

With that plan in-hand, grab a few friends and join us for this tasters-choice special. See you this evening!

P.S. Care to request a table? With our currently mandated 25% indoor capacity limit, it’s not a bad idea. Just contact us and let us know your preferred time.