Oh man. We SO have our work cut out for us. Our blank slate isn’t even blank yet. Check it out:

Lakeview Taproom Interior Prior to Renovation

Let’s hope we have some stress to get out, because there’s definitely demo work in our future.

But since playing lumberjack is just as fun, we’ve decided to prioritize. Which means it’s time to make a bar, people.

Foraging for the Bar

In a taproom, the bar is a centerpiece. So it’s worth some time and effort.

For some, that might mean perusing catalogues or stalking fancy designers.

For us, it means strapping on our overalls, taking a trip to the Indiana woods, and chopping ourselves down a BAR.

Pulling log behind tractor to make into bar for Lakeview Taproom

We always love an excuse to break out the tractor.

But we’re not playing. This baby’s just the right size.

Measuring log to cut and plane for a live edge bar for Chicago

Actually, it’s more than just right. We might need to make tables today, too.

New bar owner sits by Woodmizer saw mill getting ready to plane log for Chicago taproom

One perfect cut on the Woodmizer, and suddenly, it all starts to feel real.

Brushing off planed log after cutting to make into bar for Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood
Planing tables and bar for Lakeview taproom in Chicago

We’ll keep the live edge. Because this taproom’s going to be a lively place.

And we like it natural like that.

Sanding down bar and table tops for Chicago taproom

Can’t you already picture yourself bellying up and enjoying some of the best Lakeview has to offer?

Live edge bar and table pieces for new taproom in near Wrigleyville