T.S. Eliot may have claimed April as the cruelest month, but did he ever meet February? Worse yet, February in Chicago?

Fortunately, this February, we’ve found an awesome way to keep warm by working like mad on creating your friendly neighborhood taproom.

Lakeview taproom owners working on renovation in masks

Can we just tell you? If you want to heat up your February, try grinding down concrete floors. Not a walk in the park.

You know what helps? Helpers.

We’ve got the kids jacking up floors…

Girl in bandana takes jackhammer tool to cement floors

…the friends perfecting those floors…

Man in mask buffs floors of future Northside Chicago taproom

…more friends & kids bringing in the gear…

2 men carry materials into Lakeview Taproom during renovation

HULLO, cooler panels! You weigh something.

But when they arrive? So exciting. Because this is where BEER will LIVE.

And since this whole place is like a home for beer and beer-loving peoplecoolers are a major mile marker.

We interrupt our digression to bring you this photograph of the photographer:

Girl in bandana taking photographs with Nikon camera during renovation of Chicago bar

Meanwhile, out in the Indiana woods, the live-edge bar we started lumberjacking back in December is finally perfected.

Live edge bar prepared to be brought into Chicago taproom

And (can we just toot our own woodworking horns for a second?) gorgeous.

More to come!