Yesterday’s Ribbon-Cutting Roll-Off Celebration was SO FUN! So fun, in fact, that we don’t want it to end. So we’re…

Extending the Roll-Off Deal All Weekend Long!

What better way to enjoy the big game than with your chance at 60% off with every pour?

Which big game, you ask? Your favorite team’s big game, of course. Our TV’s are cranked up, and we’re giving dibs on game requests to whoever shows up first.

And don’t forget:

We welcome & deliver meals to your table from any of our wonderful neighborhood restaurants. Our #1 picks:

With both of these partners, you can order from your seat at the Lakeview Taproom (yes, we have their menus for you), and our staff will deliver your delicious eats right to your table within a short time. And don’t forget to check out the special discounts they offer, just for our customers.

In case you missed the roll off, here’s how it works:

You get to quite literally roll the dice with every beer you drink. It’s a pick-from-6-for-60% off deal, and this is how you play:

1. Pick a number between 1 – 6. Say it loud and clear. 🙂
2. Roll the die.
3. If you picked right, you get 60% OFF that pour!

You can check our last post for more details, and let us know if you’d like to reserve a table.