So much to show you!

In the past few weeks, we have evolved from a far-off hope…

Wood for live edge bar getting trailered into Chicago for new craft beer bar

…to a total mess…

New Chicago bar in renovation, with plastic covering everything for painting

…to a general state of mayhem…

Scaffolding and painting underway at new Lakeview Taproom

…to a sudden sense of progress…

Staining wood shelves for new Chicago Northside bar

…to “oh-my-goodness-is-it-almost-REAL???”

Renovation on new Lakeview Taproom almost complete

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh bar?

Man staining live edge bar in new Chicago taproom

Add some light fixtures, and suddenly we feel…well, illuminated. And right at home.

Renovation on new Lakeview Taproom almost complete-2

Man are we ready to see you. Right here, bellied up.

Guess we’ll be needing some bar stools…