Lincoln Square Uptown

Symbiotic Kettle Sour is Empirical Brewery’s award-winning “gateway” sour and a rising star of this stellar brewery’s year-round lineup.

Symbiotic gets its name from the way yeast and lactobacillus bacteria work in conjunction to create an ultra-light, delightfully tart beer.

And there’s good reason it won a gold medal in the Berliner Weisse/Witbier/Saison category at 2018’s Illinois Brew Fest. Very palatable compared to some of the more aggressive sour beers cluttering this growing category, it’s a perfect option for those seeking a point of entry into the burgeoning world of sour beer.

During patio season or any season at all, Symbiotic is about as refreshing as it gets.

  • 7 IBU
  • 4.5% ABV