Lincoln Square Uptown
Gamma Ray

Empirical Brewery’s Gamma Ray Ginger Wheat was designed to be the perfect pairing for food—like all those delicious local eats you can order-in to the Lakeview Taproom.

To brew this refreshing treat, Empirical began with a classic Witbier malt bill. But they added their own twist by tossing fresh ginger root and lime zest into the boil, then finishing it off with a cracked black and pink peppercorn “dry hop”.

How creative is that?!

The body of this beer is light and spritzy, with just a touch of tartness, which rounds out the flavors and makes the ginger and citrus sing.

Needless to say, Gamma Ray is ultra refreshing—especially when consumed with full-flavored, spicy, or floral foods. Yum.

  • 25 IBU
  • 5.8% ABV