We’re starting something new to share our love for local breweries. We will be highlighting a particular brewery each month, and sharing awesome giveaways, fun events, and specials taking place at both the Lincoln Square Taproom and Lakeview Taproom. So be sure to mark your calendars with the schedule below.

Because February’s a short month (and since no one ever complained about a beer deal starting early), we’re launching our inaugural month right now, beginning with tonight’s tap takeover in Lakeview—check out the details below.

Drumroll, please our first brewery of the month is…

Spiteful Brewing

Founded by childhood friends Brad Shaffer and Jason Klein, who discovered their passion for great bear as they explored craft and home brewing as young-adults, Spiteful Brewing officially launched in November of 2012. And they’ve been delighting Chicagoans’ tastebuds ever since.

Spiteful Brewing logo Chicago Illinois brewery

You can learn more about Spiteful on their site, but here’s the takeaway: they make great beer. And we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate them all month long.

Of course, we’ll continue pouring a variety of delicious hyper-local brews from many nearby producers, but this month, keep an eye out for a particularly exciting array of Spiteful options—and fun events each week.

Specials on Spiteful

We’ll offer $6 Spiteful pours all month at both locations! First up for this special is…

Spiteful IPA:

The flagship. Bold and bright Citra and Amarillo hop aromas remind you to drink it fresh.

– Untappd

P.S. Although it’s not on special now, we also have a Spiteful Barrel Aged Malevolence Chocolate Caliente on tap today, and it’s all sorts of good. Look out for this and other tasty Spiteful pours gracing our taps all month long.

Tonight’s Tap Takeover

Tonight, some friends from Spiteful are stopping by Lakeview Taproom with fun swag and prizes, plus taking over our taps with some stellar new brews.

Love to win stuff? When you order a Spiteful beer, you’ll be entered to win one of the awesome goodies they’re bringing. It’s that easy! 

We can’t wait to kick off the weekend with you.

Upcoming Spiteful Brewing Events

Here’s the current plan for Spiteful events during the upcoming month. We hope to see you at every one!

  • Tap Takeover at the Lakeview Taproom on Friday, January 28th
  • Brewery of the Month Kickoff at the Lakeview Taproom on Friday, February 11th
  • Spiteful Hangout at Lincoln Square Taproom on Thursday, February 17th
  • Brewery of the Month Wrap-up at Lakeview Taproom on Thursday, February 24th

We’ll be sharing more details about each event in our weekly e-mails, so make sure you’re on the list, and we’ll see you soon!