We feature a new brewery each month to celebrate all the great things they offer our local community. Be on the lookout for fun events, giveaways, and of course, beer specials all month long. This month, we’re highlighting…

Old Irving Brewing

Old Irving is a local brewing company crafting some of the finest beers Chicago has to offer. With a variety of house-brewed specialties, the brewing company was brought to life in 2016 by co-founders Jeff Linnemeyer and Trevor Rose-Hamblin.

Their ultimate goal has always been to offer high-quality beers to their neighbors, and we can’t wait to bring some of their top picks to our taplines this month.

In addition to awesome beer, we’ll host fun events with Old Irving Brewing all April long, so check out the schedule below and make sure you’re on our e-mail list for continued updates.

Old Irving Brewing BOM Kickoff Party

On Friday April 8th, we’re kicking things off with a party to celebrate our friends at Old Irving Brewing. Swing by the Lakeview Taproom from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. for a night full of fun, community, and delicious local brews.

Plus, while you’re here, be sure to enter our raffle for the chance to win swag and prizes from Old Irving.

Can’t wait to see you here.

More Upcoming Events

We already have events scheduled with Old Irving all month long—and more might be coming soon. We’ll include updates and details in our weekly e-mails, so make sure you’re on the list. And mark your calendars for these nights right away:

  • Old Irving Brewing Kickoff Party at the Lakeview Taproom on Friday, April 8th
  • Old Irving Brewing Gathering at the Lincoln Square Taproom on Thursday, April 21st
  • Old Irving Brewing Wrap-Up Party at the Lincoln Square Taproom on Friday, April 29th